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Managing Disciplinary Issues in the Workplace

Managing Disciplinary Issues in the Workplace (Edin.)

Tuesday 22nd May 2018  - Venue BTO Solicitors LLP, One Edinburgh Quay, EH3 9QG

Often employers are required to grapple with potential misconduct
within the workplace. Situations can range from relatively minor acts
of misconduct to potential gross misconduct. Often pressure of
business results in these issues either being overlooked or some
form of informal procedure being undertaken. Approaching matters
in this way is a risk and could lead to challenges at a later date.

This practical session is aimed at all sizes of employer and goes back to basics.
What are the key requirements of which employers should be aware when
dealing with misconduct at work? The session will consider:

  • What is misconduct?
  • Compare an informal to a formal approach
  • How should employers investigate potential issues that arise and what are the pitfalls?
  •  How should disciplinary hearings be managed in practice?
  • What about appeals?

By failing to manage disciplinary issues properly, employers create unnecessary
risk, such as potential costly Employment Tribunal proceedings, damaged
employee morale or challenging employment relations. This session will ensure
delegates are equipped with the tools necessary to handle disciplinary issues in
the workplace and that such matters are dealt with robustly and fairly. Spaces
are limited, so early booking is advisable.

For booking & more details contact michelle@irtscotland.co.uk

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